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Accompanist >> Andrew Knowles

Chairman >> Debbie Clarke (soprano)

Choir representative 1 >> Jackie Gover (alto)

Choir representative 2 >> Vacancy

Concert Manager >> Phil Stopford (tenor)

Conductor and Musical Director >> Alexander Walker

Friends >> Sue Totterdell (soprano)

Honorary President >> Professor Donald Burrows (Open University)

Joining the choir >> Debbie Clarke (soprano)

Independent financial examiner >> Nick Clarke

Joining the orchestra – strings >> Alison Gater (violin) 

Joining the orchestra – wind, brass, percussion >> Jackie Bushell (clarinet)

Leader >> Kate Bailey

Music librarian (choir) >> Cornelius Grotjahn (bass)

Music librarian (orchestra) >> Penny Smith (violin)

Orchestra representative 1 >> Penny Smith (violin)

Orchestra representative 2 >> John Bleach (horn)

Publicity Manager >> Vacancy

Secretary >> Patrick Wallace (violin)

Sponsorship / advertising >> Deborah Bennett (soprano)

Treasurer >> Phil Stopford (tenor)

Vicechair >> Jane Carr (bassoon)

Website; choir and orchestra mailing lists >> Geoff Bushell (horn)